We gladly offer the following finish coating types:

  • Anodizing
  • Polymer powder coating
  • Different textures decoration

Each coating has a set of properties through which products obtain different characteristics.


  • Wear resistance and durability
  • Exceeded corrosion resistance
  • Possibility of obtaining anodic coating with different shades
  • High heat emissivity

Technological opportunities of our manufacturing plant allow to perform both protective and decorative anodizing. When only corrosion resistance is required without aesthetic features demand then protective anodizing is used.

If in addition to protective anticorrosive properties aesthetic part is also important then better to chose decorative anodizing. Based on wishes of customers and requirements for the final product we can offer wide color shades palette, besides performing of preliminary mechanical treatment of surface is possible to obtain different special effects.

Quality of anodic coating is supported with European Certificate “QUALANOD”.

Polymer powder coating

  • Outstanding protective and decorative properties
  • Extremely wide range of shades and textures
  • Coating restoration possibility
  • Coatings with special properties: vandal-resistant and wear-resistant

Polymer powder coating is performed using modern European equipment in fully-automated mode that provides high quality of the coating.

“IPLANA” is the only plant in Russia owing Quality Certificate “QUALICOAT Seaside” that allows applying coatings on construction parts operated under increased aggressive environmental influences (high temperature, salty atmosphere, wind erosion, UV radiation) for example on sea side.


  • Good protective and decorative properties
  • Wide shades and textures palette
  • Play structures of natural wood or stone on metal surface

Decoration is a thermal transfer of pattern inside of special powder primer using sublimation method on aluminum or steel surface. This treatment type is a present-day decoration way widely used for interior, construction, facing and other purposes.

The basis of this technology is possibility of special inks to penetrate inside porous structure of polymer powder primer under temperature influence.

Using some primer shades and films with different patterns in combination allows issuing products decorated as omnifarious shades and structures of wood, marble, stone, etc.